American burmese

American Burmese-American Burmese breed cats appeared in the United States in the last century, breeders Thai copper cats crossed with the Siamese cat. With the help of the selection, surprisingly beautiful short-haired animals have turned out.


It should be noted that the Burmese variety has several subspecies, the most famous of which are American and European. There are 6 differences between American and European Burmese – eye shape, ear shape, head shape, limbs, theology, number of colors. The ancestors of the Burmese breed lived in Burma and Thailand. Burmese cats were kept in temples and were considered reincarnated souls of dead monks. Burmese cats did not arrive in Europe until the early 20th century. The servants of the Laosung monastery presented two cats to two Europeans, so the animals ended up in France. All Burmese cats are believed to be descendants of copper cat beauties donated by monks.

The cat brought to him from the East in 1930 surprised the doctor so much that he connected breeders who were able to show the first animals of the new breed until 1934, and in 1936 the breed was given official status. Cats gained popularity almost everywhere. In 1949, several American Burmese cats were exported to England, creating a European line.


Today, American and European Burmese differ in appearance, but each cat of this breed has an unusually beautiful fur coat. Burma has a short, unusually soft silky coat. It has virtually no undercoat and fits snugly to the body. The color of this breed of animal is different, but it is always original and unusually attractive. Burmese are intelligent cats, they understand people well and are easy to train. In communication, you feel that the animal really knows what it is about. In addition, the cat itself is not opposed to “talking” with people, they have a low voice in response, she makes sounds with her mouth closed. A keen mind and unusual playfulness make them interested in learning. By the way, because of playfulness, kittens and even an adult cat can turn the house upside down, you shouldn’t talk about it, you have to use the energy that accumulates in these animals somewhere. Burmese cats are incredibly attached to their owner and the family in which they live. Because of this trait, they are considered to be “dogs” by nature. They are kind, calm, they can leave small children with them, Burmese will be happy to take care of them. Burmese should not be washed, the animals are very clean. They will do everything necessary for hygiene themselves. It is better to pay attention to active games. Burmese cat food should be balanced, it will help maintain muscle mass, and the coat will have a unique shine.